Saturday, December 27, 2008

A week: Tension Chapter

First IA-An Unprecendented Battle

A week full of tension engulfed me in the unforgettable 4 days of beautiful December.15-18 December had been a humangous burden to carry on my is not that bad actually,but having my very first IA without proper preparation is like having a date without grooming my analogy too much a hype?haha

15 December 08:

Anatomy; 10.00-12.00.

Knee joint?I can barely remember it..aiyoo..but have to be optimistic,it's not that bad actually..
Still can answer but without the fullest confident of it.that's what happen when u prefer to sleep in stead of focussing for merely an hour in the condusive-for-sleeping lecture hall.

16 December 08:

Physiology; 10.00-12.00.

Soooooo many chapter to cover..have to skip a few,but then the chapter skipped was not asked in the exam..phew!!But still the hardest paper among the three.Myastina gravis,acid secreted in the stomach,obstructive jaundice...aisey..where is anemia????!!!!!Well,as hard as expected.Can only pray to the Almighty so that the disaster would not then turn into a catastrophe! Boom!
If u think anatomy is hard enough,think again.

17 December 2008:


Carbohydrate,lipid,protein,nucleic acid,enzyme..all of these chapters were covered in less than 24 hours!5 chapters that were tought in two lenghty months were read in less than a day before exam..then,if my calculation is right,i would be able to finish biochem tought for a year in juz 4 short days!haha.just a stupid joke..biochem is the killer subject according to seniors here.Have to see the result first and hope for the bestest!

18 December 08:Practical Test

i have to do colour reaction of protein..after finishing the 5th reaction,Prof Nadiger came to acces and asked a few question..okay!

I forgot to write a report on my practical book.manage to finish the report just in the lab,''no 74!come here!''.i was called by prof Suresh.Due to misunderstanding,he wanted to cut my marks because of my practical book was not sent to be accessed by the lecturer.I wasn't able to justly defended myself.aisey..then,going back to my place.i have to prick my finger to calculate the Leukocyte.Have to do it two times,another one for the blood group which supposed to be O-
but surprisingly turned out tobe A+.Hahaha.Eventually,Meghna told me that my marks wont be cut,thanks to Am who explained it to her.tq Am!

Anatomy: Histology and Spotters

In 1 minute time,u have to identify a slide given and give its two features.After ten minutes,it's finished.The slide is hard to identify especially spinal ganglion and sympathetic ganglion.

Spotters-the one that really made me nervous and blood surged through my vein in such a high velocity that would made usain bolt left behind.Really hard to identify the the structure under such an intense circumstance.I guess that's what happened when u wandering around from table to table during dissection in stead of lending an attentive ear to what the lecturer said.Then........
FINISH!!!Going to Barista,owh i was going to kerala also for vacation!


Honcho:only a battle not a war..study2!haha.


afiq Sayuti said...

lg tensen mse nk amik reslt mse practical

syazasyakila said...

pasni jgn malas!ahaha

Lip said...

malas is part of living.. cant really do anything about it can u? anyway, happy tubik result!

Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus said...

pengawas sebelah 3b5.

rafizzi said...


salikin rupanya.. lama tak jumpe ye..hrp sihat n b'jaya dalam studies... emmm sronok kat india? x jumpa fadhil n mantap =)