Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

Holmes~one of the greatest fictional detective story created by Arthur Conan Doyle.

~sigh~why do i get easily stucked with this book instead of the guytons,jains,chaurasias or datta..haish..juz finish 2 cases which are The Study in Scarlet and Sign Of do a guy could solve a murder by the slightest clue without even going to the crime scene himself?kalah gerak khas yang memerlukan A.Galak mengejar org jahat untuk mendapatkan informasi..haha

He is just a self-proclaimed ~consulting-detective~,a profession he is proud of.The only consulting-detective in the astute observer,a man with high self-esteemed...and i wish i would become a detective and solve a crime like a certain Sherlock Holmes..but there is still one interesting branch in medical field,forensic medicine..God knows how much i love to solve a puzzle,boastfully accusing the murderer,reveal the tactic used in his crime but at the end of the day,i would like to treat an ill patient lying in his bed as much as i love to be in the forensic field..there is always other ways to make this world better heh..

there is always a thought to ponder..

owh,buku ini hanya dibaca di kala kebosanan di dalam lecture hall,especially time bio-chem.
blog ini juga telah ditukar nama,kerana karya2 yang diposkan tidaklah sehebat mana untuk digelar pujangga..hehe.

Honcho:yes im back..this blog is officially re-launched.ada org dh update blog jugak! =)